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My name is Harrison Kotik

Hi! I'm Harrison :)

Hi, my name is Harrison. I am a recent graduate of UC Berkeley who is currently working as a grant writing consultant. I have also previously worked as a technical writer in the aerospace industry. This website aims to act as a portfolio for some of my work, as well as a way for me to share my passions and interests with the world.

Who am I?

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Writing Projects
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I have a plethora of experience in various types of writing. Writing is something I have always enjoyed and found fulfillment in, and I aim to utilize this aptitude of mine to continue pursuing engaging and meaningful work.

Web Development Projects
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I find great enjoyment in designing and building websites! Along with this site, I have a small handful of other projects that I would like to showcase as a means of demonstrating my understanding of development and design.

More About Me!
More of me!

I consider myself a very passionate person when it comes to nearly all aspects of my life. I find great enjoyment in my hobbies and other recreational endeavors, as I believe these are integral to facilitating better and more fulfilling lives.

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